Friday, November 9, 2007


lacking ingredients... its like.. "just chendol" *in just jack intonation*

Milo Ais

so miniii....

Roti Canai

Roti Kaya
before the awkward silence (with curry)

after the awkward silence (with curry + ice cream)
kaya + curry is just too er.. funky... LOL

other than the fact that they charge outrageous prices for what we can get for cheap as in malaysia, it got seal of approval from resident malaysian food critique (we all know who it is...)

these was from visit no.3... (i have embarassingly been to the place 4 times in the past... er 2 weeks?) other recommended: teh ais, teh tarik, mee goreng!

forget nasi lemak here... $1.50 ones form sg hawker tastes 1000000x better.. :P

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Anonymous said...

no comment on the poor food. just want to comment on the price. the rental in sydney is calculated in australia dollar. the utility bills too. the workers are paid at least AUD$15/hr.

why more expensive than M'sia? there is a reason.

however, i do hope the food portion is at least australia size. shouldnt pay aussie price for m'sian size.