Saturday, December 29, 2007

Kobe Jones - King Street Wharf

Tuna tataki kobe jones style
seared tuna with a californian twistNumber one special
crab salad with avocado wrapped in snapper and baked with kobe jones cream sauce
(it really is number one! yummmm... one portion each next time!)

Baked dynamite scallops
spicy hot!
(not exactly spicy hot but realy good anyway.. kind of like those japanese gratin you get from isetan supermarket)

Wafu styled prawn thermidor
angel prawns served on a bed of rice in a thermidor sauce
Shallow fried soft shell crab
fried panko soft shell crab with teriyaki potatoes
Grilled beef tenderloin
teriyaki, served with seasonal steamed vegetables
(kobe beef wasnt available on the day.. but this was yummy too.. i know i finished quite half the plate *grin*)
Whole barramundi
grilled with miso citrus sauce
(one word... yuck)

green tea creme brulee
(not chilled well... otherwise was superb)

note: ms. ching... this will be our first stop when i get back to sydney *wink


Di said...

just wondering nih, gue lagi cari tempat makan yam cha yang enak di Perth. Not really sure where, any idea guys?
Please let me know if you got an idea yah, email gue:
Thanks banget :)

cla said...

joy garden , northbridge!

looky here:

google for address.. otherwise.. its on the same road as the state library cpp.. (not that libraryy)

Erique Fat Owl said...

Count me in! Udah dari dulu pengen nyobain Kobe Jones tapi ga jadi2...

Anonymous said...

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