Saturday, April 26, 2008

An Restaurant - Bankstown, Sydney

Pho Tai
(Vietnamese beef rice noodle soup)

Definitely, undisputedly the BEST pho in Sydney, period.
(well, that's a tad unfair, since I haven't tried ALL the pho in Sydney)
But if anyone knows a better pho in Sydney, tell me!!

Anyway, this restaurant is probably the largest ethnic Vietnamese-owned and operated Vietnamese restaurant in Sydney. It's freaking far away from the city (which is probably why I only visit this place like, once a YEAR), but it's worth the trip. The place looks sterile but quite tastefully decorated, and what strikes me most about this place is how they made every effort to make this place very Vietnamese. It's probably the only place in Sydney where the sign for "toilet", "ladies", "gents", "entry", "exit" etc are written in Vietnamese. And also, (and I think it's very arrogant of them), their menu is also written only in Vietnamese and Chinese. But with a pho that good, who cares anyway.

For someone who lives in the city like myself, the idea of going to Bankstown (which is probably like, 30km from the city) to get a bowl of pho is rather too demanding. But there's always Pho Pasteur in Chinatown in the city, which is just slightly inferior to An.

If only they could lose the "so pho so good" motto.

(pho is roughly pronounced "fhuh" for those not in the know)


cla said...

so pho so good.... <<< bahahhahahha

i miss viet hoa... i miss perth ans perthies fullstops... impromptu perth trip maybe?

Anonymous said...

Pho taste great at

Cabramatta - Pho 54
Canley Height - Pho Lam