Thursday, October 23, 2008

Shalom - Broadway, Sydney

Ayam bakar bumbu Bali
Balinese-style grilled chicken

-> One of the two must-try chickens at Shalom (the other one being ayam bakar bumbu rujak). This one is spicy and savory - very addictive. Served with a fried egg.

Rating: 7.5/10

Palembang-style fried fish cake

-> One of Indonesia's most iconic dish. Unfortunately, this one from Shalom is kind of just so-so. The fish cake is not crispy enough on the outside, and the cuko sauce is not aromatic enough. However, Shalom is probably the nearest place from the CBD area to get Pempek - unless I'm mistaken.

Rating: 6/10

Es campur duren
Shaved ice with durian and mixed fillings

-> Current addiction. It's really good, at least for Sydney's standard. The durian is soft and fragrant, and the syrup is just delightful. Really reminds you of home if you're Indonesian.

Rating: 8.5/10

...and oh, haven't been to Shalom for awhile, lo and behold, they started charging for water (used to give water out for free). This blows. Although, to keep prices to a minimum, they did manage to produce their own bottled water.

NB: Shalom is opening soon at World Square in the CBD.

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irine said...

I like the food. Hate the plastic disposable plates/bowls!!! $10 for 5 skewers of satay with rice, and they don't even sell nasi goreng.

If they stop using disposable cuttleries, I might go more often!