Thursday, March 19, 2009

Roof Bar - Skygarden, Sydney

The yuppie bar on top of Skygarden in Pitt Street. The open-air area is quite hip and cosy - it's a very city-ish hangout. Perfect for a long drink. The food selection is kind of lame, though.

Seafood vol-au-vent

-> Meh. Too bland. Not very exciting but not bad either. I'm more annoyed by the fact that there's only ONE piece of scallop (yes, ONE).

Rating: 6/10

Cascade Sparkling Premium Apple Juice

-> Don't ask me why, but this just feels...fancy. I honestly have no idea why. It's like those cute bottles of Orangina you only find in a Hotel room's mini bar but rarely on supermarket isles (especially in Australia). I always consider Orangina a 'fancy' drink (probably because most hotels charge 8 bucks a pop for those) and this sparkling apple juice is somehow similar.

Rating: 7.5/10


Leony said...

Rik, beneran Orangina itu such a rare item di Aussie ? Weleh weleh... Orangina aja susah, apalagi Nutrisari ya ? Hehehe, j/k. Btw, seafood vol-au-vent nya itu kebanyakan chipsnya hehehe, yang ada keburu kenyang chips. And shame on them, masak scallop 1 biji ??? ckckckckck...

Erique Fat Owl said...

YES Non, orangina is very very rare in Australia. In fact, as you might notice, anything imported is VERY rare in Australia. Australia is like the U.S. - they make everything and are bloody proud of their products, so they see little reason why they should import stuff. That's what I hate about this country, LOL! Especially when you've lived in countries like Singapore or even Indonesia before - where importing stuff is not just a norm - it's a way of life. LOL

Info: perhaps the only place you can find orangina in downtown Sydney (city) is a British sweets speciality shop in skygarden. That's it!

Asian food, including Indonesian foodstuff is much, much easier to locate in Sydney. Nutri sari jelas ada, bahkan sirup ABC & marjan boudoin pun selalu tersedia di Sydney! least there are loads of clearly-marked, conveniently-located ASIAN SUPERMARKETS scattered around the whole city. I really really don't see why there aren't such thing as EUROPEAN SUPERMARKETS. or even AMERICAN SUPERMARKETS. It's so frustrating when you can't even find stuff like grape jelly, maraschino cherries, hershey's kisses, goober PB&J or cap'n crunch cereals - something very common in the U.S. but are totally, totally alien in Australia (I kid you not)!

I really miss Cap'n crunch and Goober PB&J!!

cla said...

i have peanut butter cap'n crunch in my fridge!!!! :D

when i was in sydney, i found this melbourne shop thats willing to ship a bottle of goober grape over! that and peanut butter MnM's !!! want me to dig up the address?

Erique Fat Owl said...

YES PLEASE!!!! 3-9! (san-kyu!)