Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Majestic Restaurant - Outram Park, Singapore

New Year's Eve
New Majestic Hotel

Thie Kuan In
regular flow through out the night... take one sip and it's being refilled...
Sliced Ox Tongue and Beef Shank with Mixed Salad
Hot and Sour Soup
Double-boiled Sea Treasures with black Truffle
recommended by me! even better than the chef-recommended shark's bone soup
Shark's Bone Soup with Fish Maw and Beijing Cabbage
a lil too 'strong'
Winter Melon Soup
soup of the day
Lobster Sashimi
poor lil lobster was still moving even till the waiter take it away... bahahhahaha...

Soon Hock
deep fried thai style
Pan-seared Fillet of Rib-eye in Homemade Sesame Sauce
Grilled Rack of Lamb in Chinese Honey with Pan-fried Carrot Cake
XO Scallops, Prawns and Jellyfish
Baby Cabbage with Mushroom
Mango Pudding with Pomelo and Black Glutinous Rice
Red Bean Paste Pancake
Fried Durian Ice-cream
er... SHIOK!

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