Sunday, October 28, 2007

Kobow - Sydney

Originally planned to dine at Uighur Cuisine, but since the place was packed, so we decided to have good ol' Korean instead. (Good ol' O-M-G H-h-hot Korean, I might add).

And oh, Cla got locked out because she left her keys inside her apartment.

Had to deal with grandpa "I-have-thousands-of-stories-to-tell" locksmith for an hour afterwards.


Potato pancakes
-> Shouldn't have ordered this one. Couldn't even finish it.

Chicken in Hot Sauce

Squid & Pork in Hot Sauce (Ssha...ssha...ssha...)

Cass. The sound of vitality. ("Cassshhhhh"...gettit?)

"Part of beef".
Seriously. This place is dodgy.


susan said...

I stumbled across this place last week. We ordered the seafood pancake which was the hugest pancake I have ever seen. Wasn't too impressed with the seafood hotpot though

cla said...

nothing beats this place in terms of portion... hahahha...

we havnt actually been back since.. but i notice the takoyaki sign last time i passed by.... hm.... might just...

Erique Fat Owl said...

What? Takoyaki?

Not another Japanese food butchered to suit Korean tastes...darn!

cla said...

its those you find in food fest tho... so... real japanese ones... as real as it gets anyway

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