Saturday, September 6, 2008

Party Cafe & Restaurant - Sydney

A tiny-ish, unnoticeable Korean restaurant just off George st (along the road where Cafe C'ya is) that specializes in donkasu (that's Korean for tonkatsu). (that's Japanese for pork cutlets). (that's English for schnitzel). (That's German for...ah what the hell).

I think it's a new restaurant, and apart from their uninspired name, the decor of the place is rather uninspired as well. See, they're going for the 'party' theme - balloon murals, whimsical colors, but alas, the lighting is very, very dull, tables too far apart and sombre music creates the image of a party that nobody would care to stay.

Cheese donkasu
served with red rice and salad

Rating: 6.5/10

-> Again with the 'slapping cheese in everything food philosophy'. This time, it's the Korean who made the abomination. Well, actually, it isn't that much of an abomination to slap some cheese on a schnitzel - after all, the French does it (Chicken Cordon Bleu, etc). Also, it isn't fair for me to call every non-French food invention an abomination.

Oh, by the way, this cheese donkasu is quite delicious. The sauce is rather predictable Korean western-style sauce / gravy (basically made of tomatoes, capsicum, sweet with a hint of sourness), but the Mozzarella is melted to perfection. The cheese doesn't overpower the donkasu, but on the down side, the donkasu is rather bland. I love the red rice (perhaps Westerners aren't familiar with this variety of rice - the rice in its raw form is already reddish in color, and when cooked it becomes white with a hint of redness on the edge of the rice grains). Although known as 'poor people's rice' in my native Indonesia - red rice is actually very beneficial health-wise, and very fulfilling.

BTW, the portion is hu-uge. two large slabs of pork cutlets. Suitable for the hungry.

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