Monday, December 3, 2007

Singapore Airlines SQ 220, Sydney - Singapore

Take-off time 0850 hrs

So excited to be the first one in my family to fly the Airbus A380!
At the time of writing, the A380 I boarded was the only one owned by a commercial airline, and therefore the only aircraft available for commercial flights. And the only route it serves is the Sydney - Singapore shuttle. So I guess I'm pretty lucky.

Upper deck!
Info: The upper deck is better in the sense that it has a better passenger - lavatory ratio.
On the background: Starbucks Tall Caramel Frappuccino

The aircraft

The seat plan

Well, I only flew cattle class, but it's still fun...
Look at the size of the personal monitor! It's almost as big as business class monitors on a regular plane!

Parsley omelette with chicken sausage, tomato and hash brown potato
Fruit appetizer, yoghurt, muffin, breakfast roll
Tea & OJ

Rating : 8/10
Verdict: Nice. Even taking the issue of cabin pressure and the huge gap between preparing and serving the food into consideration, the food is still near-impeccable. The omelette is not soggy, even the hash brown still got a bit crunch to it. Bravo, Singapore Airlines.

Mid-morning cocktail: Singapore Sling
(So I drink at 11.00 am. Hey, I'm on holiday for goodness sake!)

Rating: 6/10
Verdict: Not bad, but this time, they forgot to put some ice in the cocktail. As a result, the drink is too heavy for mid-morning. Anyway, having tasted the real deal in Raffles Hotel Long Bar, I'd say this one pales in comparison. But hey, I'm not complaining. It's good enough for cattle class.

Smoked salmon salad
Lunch roll
Lamb navarin with vegetables and mashed potato
Unidentified French Cabernet Sauvignon

Rating: 7/10
Verdict: One thing I hate is lamb that smell. This one definitely doesn't, and the sauce doesn't disguise the lamb aroma too much, so you can still tell that it is lamb you're eating. So all in all, excellent balance.


cla said...

due to my schedule changes... i'll be flying in and out of sydney in one of these as welll.... wheeee~

*kampungan bgt*

Erique Fat Owl said...

Pick seat 41D. You won't be disappointed!