Monday, June 4, 2007

Spaghetti Hotate by Erique Fat Owl

Cooking is so fun. Especially if you have cute and yummy Japanese ready-made sauces at your disopsal. I got this one from my monthly pilgrimage to Tokyo Mart in Northbridge:

S&B Hotate Butter Shoyu Fuumi
-> I'm bored with the usual tarako / mentaiko sauce, and decided to try the hotate (scallop) instead. Another thing that really attracts me is the fact that they add butter and shoyu in this sauce concoction (an interesting combination!)

The finished product. Boil the pasta, drain, add the sauce, stir, sprinkle with the nori furikake included on the sauce pack. Easy peasy japanesey!

The sauce is really good. can really taste the scallop and you don't even have to add olive oil to the pasta because the sauce is already oil-based.


Florennn said...

i want the sauce!! but i think it's gonna pretty hard to find it in Jkt..

Erique Fat Owl said...

Ada kok di Jakarta....try Cosmo supermarket at Wijaya Grand Center...pasti ada deh...