Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Sixth Avenue Hawker - Bukit Timah, Singapore

lil hawker spot near the house
think a renovated version of that one across 21b

May's iced/hot Teh-C
Mee Pok
nice lil portion... aussie tummies needs to double order...


Leony said...

Hi Cla and Eric,

I found out about your blog when I searched about the review regarding Y&Y at Pacific Place. I ended up finding so many new restaurants here and there (inside and outside Jakarta), and most of the reviews were well written with some appetizing pictures.

Just a small note to Eric, I love it when you did your own cooking and explained everything in a really scrutinized way. Are you guys still on vacation in Jakarta? Please write me back, probably we can do some culinary adventure !

Erique Fat Owl said...

Thanks for visiting! glad you liked our reviews! Well, I'm back in Sydney now, but culinary adventure sounds great! Boleh dong kapan2!...hehehe.