Friday, April 4, 2008

Mad Cow - The Ivy, Sydney

Easter Eve '08
[Drinky Poos]
Cowbell MartiniA refreshing blend of Plymouth & Sloe Gin shaken with pomegranate & fresh watermelon 
Apple Tea MuleSpicy kick of Belvedere Cytrus mixed with apple tea, Massenez Crème de Peche & fresh strawberry
[the cow]
Wagyu skirt steak (marble score 9)
surprisingly not that fatty... i dont really like skirt though... dont feel "whole" might try some other cow next time...
i still like angus best... heh
[not the cow]
Pan roasted snapper fillet, celeriac puree, sauce vierge
[the sides]
“Mac n cheese”
i just have to order it... funny thing the macaroni were kind of huge... but still yum... i'd eat anything baked and cheesy...

Portobello mushrooms
Creamed spinach
[the dessert]
Valrhona chocolate breathless 
self explanatory...
Grilled peach, nougat ice cream, ginger wafers
one of those "adult" dessert... not too sweet not too cold.. just nice.. although i'm not too sure why those peaches are there...
Berry mascarpone trifle, redcurrant jelly
my pick... (more like i made them order this.. hahahha) turned out really nice although if you dont have a sweet tooth dont come anywhere near
love the name... (obviously)... love the interior... although i feel its more high tea settings than carnivore setting... wanna go back for lunch! anyone?
at night the place pretty much feels like a club with all the other ivy thing being "open"... 


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