Sunday, March 2, 2008

Santong Kuo Tieh - Pancoran, Jakarta

Santong Kuo Tieh. Pancoran's best kept secret. Even yummier when eaten at the restaurant.

Haven't had these dumplings for like, years, because the restaurant is so far away from where we live. Had to ask one of my dad's employee to take-away it.

For the benefit of those who don't speak Indonesian, I'll translate the words on the box:

Bon Apetit
Shandong-style dumpling
68 shui jiao (also a kind of dumpling. "68" is probably the name of the restaurant)
made by genuine old-man chef from Shandong (province in China)
Tel. 6907401
Pancoran (A neighborhood in West Jakarta)

"Ncek" is a colloquial word used to describe / address an elderly Chinese man in Indonesia. I guess this restaurant is trying to imply that their recipes has been handed down for generations (hence the "old man chef"). Haha!

Fried dumpling, Shandong-style

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