Monday, June 9, 2008

Danks Street Depot - Waterloo, NSW

we missed you...
you-know-who... feel free to feel "ge-er" hohoho

noticed the date? apparently menu changes daily... more reason to go back

Skim Latte

Orange Juice
organic, yes.... i'd prefer freshly squeezed

Braised Oxtail Soup
oxtail with root vegetables, beef tock and red wine, finished with tomato, chili and parsley

Slow Cooked Broccoli and Eggs
slow cooked broccoli with chili garlic and white wine, served on scrambled eggs and toast topped with capparis farm fresh goat fetta and parsley

Creamed Eggs with Roasted Mushroom and Truffle Oil
2 eggs cooked with cream and butter, served soft with chopped chives, truffle oil, roasted field mushroom and tomato

Hand Cut Chips
the waitress promised a homemade tomato ketchup but it never came... not a big fan of ketchup so wasnt bothered much..


'ngel said...

is it me?! is it me?! *jump jump*
haha... (feeling ge-er)

huaaa... definitely missing it & wanting the breakie there *drooling..*
how was tetsuya, cla?

Erique Fat Owl said...

Danks Street Depot! Ay yi yi! I so wanted to go there!!

Restorannya Jared Ingersoll kan yah Cla? Nyokap gw fans dia tuh...ganteng, katanya...LMFAO

cla said...

makanya balik ngelll... hohoho.... at the risk of soundign like a cliche, Tetsuya's must go!!!!!1

Jared Ingersol kan yg brewok brewok middle eastern looking (although he's most probably european)... ternyataa.... selera nyokap lo.... huahahahahahhhahah

i'll go with you if you'd order the wild rabbit... after all, where else can you get 18wheeler trucker sitting alongside deisgners.... hahahahhaha

Erique Fat Owl said...

Selera nyokap gw tuh emang cowok2 macho middle-eastern / Mediterranean looking yang hairy and rough, yang brooding, item, naik harley, pokoknya totally 180 derajat opposite Chinese people lah!!

As a matter of fact, bokap gw sebelum married ama dia tampangnya kurang lebih begitu lah...udah married aja nyokap gw suruh bersih2 rapi2, soalnya malu kalo diliatin sama grandma gw! LOL

Ey tapi Jared Ingersoll brewok meh?? Ngga deh kayaknya?

cla said...

i dont think he's full blown brewokan... tapi yah ada facial hair lahhh....