Monday, March 3, 2008

Singapore Airlines SQ632 Bangkok -> Tokyo

Bangkok (Suvarnabhumi Int'l) -> Tokyo (Narita Int'l)
Flight time: 5 hrs 40 mins

There were 2 meal choices. Continental or Japanese. I had the Japanese one. To my recollection, the Japanese meals served at JAL or ANA were so much better. (they even served sashimi on an ANA flight from Tokyo to Sapporo).

Cold appetizer of sweet tofu and shiitake mushrooms

Green tea buckwheat noodle

Gyuniku shigure ni
Braised Japanese style beef

Rice crackers

-> The senbei is made in Thailand! Spring for some real ones, stingy SIA! boo!

Asahi super dry beer

-> After realizing that the senbei was made in Thailand, I thought that the Asahi beer was made in Thailand, too (Asahi has a brewery in Thailand. Usually, the Asahi beers I got in Sydney are imported from Thailand, not Japan). But I was wrong. This is the real deal.

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