Sunday, March 2, 2008

Waraku - Starhub Centre, Singapore

This Waraku outlet in Starhub Centre (at Cuppage road, behind Centrepoint) is my favorite one, because it's teenage pimply-faced schoolchildren-free. Instead, it's full of yuppies and middle-aged Japanese salarymen during lunchtime (my preferred crowd. Makes me feel so much younger).

In 5 years time, my preferred crowd would be 70-year-old grandmas in Bingo Clubs.

Chicken Kaminabe
-> Hot-pot chicken in paper bowl. The paper is so...magical. Why won't it burn????

-> A Waraku must-try. Shredded cabbage with pork bits, covered in soft, fluffy omelette and dressed in okonomiyaki sauce and mayo.

1 comment:

ueirin said...

THis is My FAV too!
But it's moved to Heeren now.
THe new Waraku Teppanyaki that replaced this is yucky. Not worth trying!