Monday, March 3, 2008

McDonald's - Bakurochou, Tokyo

Starting my culinary adventure in Tokyo with junk food wasn't exactly what I had in mind in the first place, but it was 9 am, and none of the restaurants were opened. Not even Yoshinoya. And I was hungry as hell. Anyhow, I somehow compensated my regret by choosing the most Japanesey item on the menu.

Teriyaki McBurger Set

-> Say "BRAVO" to Japanese packaging! Who cares if it is junk food, the packaging is top-notch compared to McDonald's in other countries. The burger was great, the drink was great (I had a grape Qoo), and oh, the attendant was so polite, too! (compared to attendants at McDonald's at Sydney airport. Hands down, they're the worst in the world).

-> What's this? McDonald's giving out receipts? Pretty receipts, no less. Well, that's unlike anywhere else I've been to!

In Japan, they don't say "French fries". They call 'em "Potato fry".

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