Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Pancakes on the Rocks - Sydney

I know...I know...Pancakes on the Rocks are so passe (Especially if you're a Sydneysider), but nevertheless, where else in the WORLD can you get prime ribs and fat pancakes at 3 am??? They even got buffalo wings too. Jennifer Hudson would be happy to hear that. (has anyone heard about that whole Jennifer Hudson and the chicken wings scandal???)

So, my friends and I had this small party (that later turned pretty WILD), and one thing led to another and I suddenly ended up in Pancakes on the Rocks at 3 am with one of my friend because she 'felt like having pancakes'.

We weren't drunk or anything (okay, maybe just a tad tipsy), but my friend ended up scolding one of the restaurant's waitresses. Serves her right, the waitresses at that restaurant are just plain HORRIBLE. pompous, snobbish, and what we Indonesians call, "Sok sibuk".
It's like..."ooh, I'm a waitress at Pancakes on the Rocks, Sydney's most popular and crowded restaurant, and I'm sooooo freaking important! If I'm not here, y'all ain't got nothin' to eat!!!".
(okay, but maybe not in that American accent).

Those sluts should just go to hell (pardon the profanity - It's just that I hate them SO much).

Baby back ribs with potato wedges and salad

Chicken Caesar Salad
(I didn't order this. my friend did. I'm so sick of Indonesians knowing only one type of salad, that is, Caesar Salad. There are plenty of other salads out there.)

Strawberry Pancake with Vanilla ice cream
(Initially, we wanted to share this one, but my friend ended up eating 95% of it because I was stuffed with my ribs. This is my favorite kind of pancake in PotR, because it's not mind-blowingly sweet like the others.)


cla said...

Caesar salad is not the only one i know.... but still the one that i order the most... cause it made you felt good for eating salad instead of... say.. ribs... but its is still just as fattening and satisfying... Caesar salad is an oxymoron! <3

Fat Owl said...

No...no...I'm not talking about YOU when I say 'Indonesians'...

you have to admit that MOST Indonesians out there can only name 'Caesar Salad' when asked an example of salad...

I'm not saying that we're smarter than the rest, but at least we bother to find out that there's more to caesar salad when it comes to salad varieties.

Masalahnya nih anak tuh pesen caesar salad trus...pas gw bilang 'gak bosen lo sama caesar salad? gak mau nyoba yg lain?' trus dia bilang...'gw cuma taunya caesar salad doang...'
and she's not the only one who have said that before...

you be the judge...

Anonymous said...

so so so agree about the shittiest service you'll ever get in sydney's restaurant.. last time i was there, i hav to ask "do you want me to pay or not?"


i was standing in front of the cashier and the staff was only looking at me from a distance (i mean like 1meter from where i was)

prolly you shud take ur fren to some cafesssss in sydney to try another 'salad'