Saturday, August 30, 2008

Pho LV - Sydney

Cơm sườn chả trứng
Pork chop, fried egg, and pork cake with tomato rice

-> The 'pork cake' (shocking name, BTW) is kind of like a terrine with minced pork, some kind of offals, egg, mushrooms and glass noodles. It's a French influence on Vietnamese cuisine, obviously. It's nice. The tomato rice, however, is rather insipid. I was expecting more of a Japanese type tomato rice (you know, like the inside of the omurice).

Rating: 6/10

Cơm sườn gà
Crispy-skin chicken with tomato rice

-> The crispy-skin chicken is exceptional. Certainly the best I've tasted so far in the Sydney City/Chinatown area.

Rating: 6.5/10

This was the day I finally knew where Pho LV is (ha ha Cla)
'twas a really quiet night - they're almost closing, but my stomach was rumbling and it seems that the only interesting dining option within 1 minute walk from the cinema (yes, I'm THAT lazy) is either Pepper Lunch (Ironically, opens till 11 pm) or Pho LV at the same building. My brother HATES Pepper Lunch (Cla - he can become your friend) for whatever reason, so Pho LV it is.

Speaking of Pepper Lunch, I can't figure out how on EARTH can someone dislike it, let alone HATE it. It's cute, it's Japanese-western fusion (a.k.a. the PERFECT species of food), and it's damn hi-tech. Patented electromagnetic automatic hotplates, hello!
...and don't get me started on the gloriously melting, dripping herb butter above a perfectly-cut tender bite-sized steak combined with lashes of tantalizing Pepper Lunch hot and sweet sauce - as the aroma wafts in the air with thick, sensuous smoke, I knew I have reached heaven...

Mmmkay. Maybe I'm getting a little bit overboard with Pepper Lunch.

Anyway. Pho LV.
No, apparently they aren't in any way affiliated with Maison Louis Vuitton (ha. ha. very funny), but it doesn't stop VIPs and dignitaries from dining at their humble place. Guess who sat across my table - the Consul-General of the Republic of Indonesia in Sydney with 5 other serious-looking VIPs. I recognized the Consul-General because I've seen him at some social events.

The food was just okay - borderline, acceptable. Maybe I should try the Pho next time. After giving the Consul-General a nod and a smile, We left the place, looking for....desserts.

(and we went for some Gelati from Gelatissimo)

Gelati = Gelato (prural)

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