Monday, March 24, 2008

Pancious - Jakarta, Indonesia

Last day in Jakarta (yes yes yes.. i didnt take pictures at all other than this one... )

Oreo ShakesMango Punch
Classic Stack
served with maple syrup

Fruit Satay
mine.. obviously

I was at my foulest mood (bad company, long story... basi)... these pancake bought some fake forced smiles i guess...
still... not exactly recommended... average average average...

Just after i took off... Pancious opens right opposite the office in Pacific Place... that place, if i may is a blessing... spent numerous lunch hours...

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Leony said...

Hi Cla,

What a fun blog that you wrote together with your friends. I've been reading your blog since several months ago and always couldn't wait for the next entries coz I love to read and to look at them.

So after reading your review about Pancious, it made me don't wanna go there especially with the long line of people waiting during the weekend. Some of my friends said it will remind me of my old days of eating breakfast at dinner time at the diner (hahaha...I love doing that in old days because breakfast menu is always comforting). But I guess those kind of places in Jakarta is too revamped and too commercialized that even until now I haven't interested in trying.

Keep up the good work and I'm always ready for more review with appetizing pictures :D