Sunday, September 28, 2008

Pondok Selera - Dixon House, Sydney

Nasi Kuning Rendang
(Indonesian yellow rice with beef rendang)

-> It's mouthwatering-yummylicious, but I wish they would update their's so very last millennium...Anyway, with the closure of famed Indonesian food stall "Yuni's Kitchen" last year, there are officially only TWO places you can get Indonesian nasi kuning / nasi Padang in Chinatown - this Pondok Selera is one, and the other one is the very unappetizing-looking stall at Eating World Food Court near Sussex St (the one that's semi-underground). There's actually another one, which is the Nasi House at Sussex Centre food court, but I think they don't serve Nasi Kuning.

With this one, it's still my favorite Nasi Kuning in Chinatown - the rendang is oh so tender and juicy, and the sambal (chilli relish sauce) is really good (you have to ask for the sambal otherwise they won't give you any - only Indonesians know this!)

Rating: 7.5/10


sasa said...

used to love the nasi pake ikan teri cabeeee

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