Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Waroeng Kita - Pacific Place, Jakarta

somehow went to pacific place past opening time and most of the places were closed were about to change venue till i saw this place and remember i used to come all the time when i was interning last time.. i do tend to pick places like these (kafe betawi, warung podjok, etc) that serve pimped up local food rather than the international fare simply cause i miss the local food (damn indo tongue) and the locals rarely do international well (Y&Y, anyone?)...

teh tawar
unsweetened red tea... a staple... the local equivalent to tap water...
i prefer mine sweetened and iced...

thai iced tea
too sweet... and erm.. boba???? *puzzled*

tape goreng
fried fermented cassava... taste like bad alcohol... i only like it when its dunked in chendol...

mie kangkung
taste like noodle in kecap manis soup... depends on your taste bud... i happen to love kecap manis

Ayam Penyet
flattened fried chicken (no.. i did not just made that up... its the description given by "Ayam Penyet Ria" in sg which btw... biggest let down last weekend...)

Sop asam asam iga
very strong flavours... sour and spicy... everyone cant stop scooping up the soup...
its my first time trying this soup...will order it more often next time... sluurrrppppp

Rating: 7/10
cheap food in a nice setting... although the chairs can be comfier...

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