Monday, March 31, 2008

Hard Rock Cafe - Plaza Indonesia eX, Jakarta

Solo lunch. Big appetite.
After that organic food 'experience', my junk food craving came to haunt me again. So I decided to make love, not war - at Hard Rock Cafe Jakarta in e'X and get meself some ol' burger and coke.

-> The most generous ration of coke in town. Felt like bottomless.

Legendary 10 oz Burger

-> (Description from the menu) Famous the world over: ten ounces of fresh certified Angus Beef, topped with seasoned bacon, two slices of cheddar cheese, and a crisp fried onion ring.

A little erratum: It should be beef bacon since Indonesian HRC serve halal food only.
What can I say? This burger is too huge, even for someone with big appetite. The beef is good, succulent, and should be ordered medium-well for that extra moisture. To be honest, 10 ounces (that's close to 300 grams for you metric folks) is a tad too much for me. I ended up leaving one of the patties uneaten.

Anyhoot, the only downside of dining alone in Jakarta's HRC is that you have to deal with those super-friendly, super-amiable, corny wisecracking waiter dudes - alone. Indonesians are weird in the sense that someone having lunch alone is a rarity, especially on weekends. In other countries, I eat lunch all by myself all the time. But in Indonesia, when you do that, people will ask "where's your date? where's your friend? are you all alone?"

Just bring the food and shut up, will ya.


cla said...

i was there i was thereee... with that certain someone who got caught in the massive flood...

blew my ears off...

cla said...

oh... btw... didnt eat... my martini looking lychee flavoured thing was kinda yum... then again i love lychee...

had dinner at that japanese place near the escalator which is ill-adviced... the most decent sushi in Jakarta is probably sushi tei... (poke sushi was actually pretty good too... but then i was a lil high on sake that day.. so i cant tell for sure... of course then theres that japanese thing in mulia but i really dont like having to book my table even when its just for two or three...)

Erique Fat Owl said...

Oh oh yang deket escalator yg dekornya kayu2 itu bukan? (lupa namanya)...itu ga enak lagi...

Yg di Mulia, Edogin? bole juga sih itu. But Hyatt's Sumire is better. Yes, sushi tei is the only decent sushi restaurant in Jakarta. Of course, there are others, but sushi tei is the best among the CHEAPer ones. And also, sushi tei kan rame, jadinya fresh lah ikan nya.

Dari jaman bahuela, di Jakarta, yang namanya restoran Jepang paling top (and expensive) itu cuma 3: Sumire (Hyatt), Shima (Aryaduta), Nadaman (Shangri-la).

Shima, prepare 600k per person
Nadaman, prepare 800k per person
Sumire, prepare 1500k per person

It's nowhere near Nobu's or Tetsuya's, but untuk ukuran jakarta ini udah mahal bgt. And of course, the service (especially Sumire & Nadaman) is top-notch.