Sunday, May 4, 2008

Fujiya - Sydney

Post-cinema dinner.

Service was extra disoriented tonight. Luckily we're in a relatively good mood.

We also agreed that ending the night with a lil' tipsy tone would probably be fun.

Ozeki Hana-awaka (sparkling flower) sake

-> Disappointingly weak. So, we ordered...

Go-shu Premium Sake

.....still not strong enough. But oh well.

Kimuchi chahan

Nabeyaki udon

-> It's nice. The shiitake is sweet and probably pre-soaked in mirin, shoyu, and dashi. And they also have this ingenious way to prevent the tempura from plunging into the broth by placing it above a bed of sliced konbu arranged like tiles.


Salmon Sashimi


Leony said...

Hmm...what's goin on with the backdrop of eatlikeacow ? Now it's pink and it's not even valentine...

cla said...

cause i feel like it.... d'ohhhh~

Erique Fat Owl said...

Pink and now yummy macarons...heeheehee

c'est fabuleux, non?