Sunday, March 2, 2008

The Cathay Restaurant - The Cathay, Singapore

Well, where do I start?
There's so many things I love about this place. First of all, the yum-cha they serve is among the best I've tasted so far in Singapore. And also, my parents and I love the nostalgic atmosphere. Dining in a place full of pictures of Cathay beauties such as Ivy Ling Po and Betty Loh Ti (God...I love her I love her I love her) is exactly what makes us keep coming back to this place since its re-opening a few years ago. (apparently, this historic restaurant was closed in the 1960's after enjoying decades of being Singapore's most luxurious restaurant).

Moreover, this restaurant is located in the refurbished original Cathay theatre building. I just love the art deco architecture of the building and the fact that this restaurant combines two of my passions - Cinema and Cuisine - I hereby induct this restaurant to my restaurant hall of fame.

BTW, I don't have to name all these food now, don't I? You should know all of them by heart already...

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