Saturday, November 1, 2008

Caliniere Cafe - World Square, Sydney

Been going to Caliniere Cafe a lot lately (usually just for coffee) - might as well do a food review now. So, Caliniere Cafe is one of the three establishments by Vbar (and all three are located in World Square) - the other two being Caliniere Restaurant which offers fine French dining, and Vbar itself, which is a bar. I've been to Caliniere (the restaurant) a couple of times, and I love their food - and their restaurant concept. I thought it's very chic. But anyway, we're talking about the cafe now, I'll do the restaurant review some other time.

Classic Burger

-> Where do I start. I'm very excited about this dish. And surprised, too. I'm a big fan of wholesome, simple food (although I do indulge in pretentious food every now and then, heh heh) - and this one is a pretty good example of it. Delicious, aromatic and juicy beef patty with a definite aroma of nutmeg and perhaps a dash of thyme. It's very moist and tender. The burger is complemented with a nutty and robust aged (I believe) Cheddar which is just delightful. The only disappointment is the fries, which are too flimsy and not crisp enough. Otherwise, this is a wonderful, very appetizing dish.

Rating: 8/10


Lucy said...

I come here often especially during exam for my cake+caffeine fix, love the carrot cake. The burger looks delicious, I should have ordered that before. I ordered Eggs Benedict instead and it was disappointing, too much oil.

Leony said...

Huaaaa....juicy burgerrrr.... Rik, my mom told me all the time that I was crazy while eating burger. I can eat whopper in no time, but it took me much longer to finish 1 plate of rice haha... trus cepet kenyang kalo makan nasi :P I want want want that burger... nyam2...