Sunday, March 30, 2008

Hotshots - Pondok Indah Mall II, Jakarta

Yay! Glorified Filipino junk food!

In the Philippines, where this chain of restaurants originate, Hotshots restaurants are butt-ugly. But the Indonesian Trianda group (the same group that franchised Cinnzeo in Indonesia) bought the Indonesian franchise and decided to re-concept the restaurant from common junk food joint to adorable fancy 50s American diner ambiance. Of course, they tried their best to conceal the fact that it's actually a filipino chain, because they wouldn't want people to think that this is just another Jolibee. But they sure can't fool us well-traveled folks.

And oh, the burgers are pretty good. The small southeast-asian portion means perfect choice if you're not feeling super hungry.

-> I would rank this decor as somewhere between Burger King and Billy Bombers (in Singapore)

Crispy Burger Melt with Curly Fries

-> The most expensive, therefore the most delicious item on the menu. That's the Indonesian philosophy. *sarcasm*

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