Sunday, April 19, 2009

Happy Second Birthday, Eat Like a Cow!

Today, it's been exactly 2 years since Cla posted our very first entry on this blog and we can honestly say that our lives - or at least our eating habits - have changed ever since. Gone are the days when we can stroll casually into a restaurant and eat our food immediately after the waitress place the dish in front of us without frantically searching the best angles to photograph them!

Thanks to this humble blog of ours, we've made lots of new friends - some dear ones and some very dear ones - and we believe that's the most fulfilling aspect in keeping a blog. We've started this blog initially as a private forum between us co-writers - old friends separated by continents - to be in touch with each other through sharing of photos of food we eat - and now this humble blog has actually attracted small but intimate amount of readers from near and far, and we sincerely thank you for your support these two years.

We hope that what we do here in our blog would be of use to all of you dear readers, and hopefully, generate some tiny smiles along the way. Thanks again, and here's to another year!

...aaaand now, for a little commemorative cartoon on this joyous occasion:

Hahaha. Ha. Funny? No? .....*awkward silence*.....

...oh by the by, we've also made some freebies for all of you (yayy freebies!)
Well, don't get TOO excited, it's just desktop wallpapers, LOL - eatlikeacow 2nd anniversary special limited edition commemorative wallpapers, to be exact!

Cla, Erique, Moo Moo


Betty said...

keep up the eating and blogging :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary!
I love reading your blog. Can I suggest you to include the address of all the places that you eat at? Cause I wanna go there and eat too. =)

chocolatesuze said...

congrats on the 2nd blogisversary!

Leony said...

Happy Biiiirrrdd-ddaayyy (hehehe... has to be related to food...). I remember last year, Cla and Fat Owl celebrated the bday together. Now, since you live STILL need to post the celebration parts...double entries then!

Bean Sprout's Cafe said...

congratulations ! thanks for making such a great blog...

Anonymous said...

Huuzzzuuh congrats guys! Happy 2nd Blogiversary ^^! Keep on blogging hee hee I liked the cartoon btw :P

Erique Fat Owl said...

@Betty, Bean Sprout:

Thanks for the wishes, and we'll consider your request!

Thanks! *wow...chocolatesuze read our blog!!!*

Thanks as always! Glad you liked the cartoon! I LOLed when I first saw it...

YES non...of course, double entry dong!! just wait for it!! And congrats again to you for the big you-know-what event!