Sunday, March 8, 2009

Bakerz'in - Vivocity

needed something sweet after watching "my bloody valentine"...
i'm not one for the gore... was there for the wayfarer-like 3d specs.... ;D
(i didnt get to sneak it home though... *boo )

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Rating : 5/10
layers and layers of chocolate, yet only passable... but theres better option out there...

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Rating: 9/10
cookies and cream cheese cake
non-baked... all gooey, not too sweet not too salty...

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Rating: 8/10
warm chocolate cake
i wonder if i've ever not order this when i'm in the shop...

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the table went all ooh-ahh for the heart shape foam... haha


Erique Fat Owl said...

The chocolate triangle thing looks to DIE for - hard to believe that it's only passable!

As for the heart-shaped foam, it's cute, but have you ever seen those super duper elaborate foam 'painting' on a 'ccino?

cla said...

i think its called cinno-art or something... haha

lots of smaller cafes with more experienced barista in aussie does it but its quite rare in sg.. definitely not expecting it in bakerzin...