Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Mr. Curry - The Central, Clarke Quay

Mr. Curry was a chef from Curry Land.

Together with Mango-nyan,
they traveled the world in search of curry dishes.
They stumbled upon the finest curry in Japan.

With the passion of sharing,
they wanted the whole world to experience the wonderful "Japanese Curry"
And so they decided to bring you "Mr. Curry"

They hope that all will enjoy the experience
and that these lovely curry flavours will bring satisfaction
and cheerful smiles to their guests.

Please enjoy the wonderful journey of "MR. CURRY"

mango salad dressing
this is bordering disgusting... haha... and that cat is "mango-nyan" ... the ...er mascot...

Calpis Water and Cold Green Tea (free-flow)

the curry - extra spicy & creamy
there's choice of non-spicy, spicy or extra spicy and original, white/creamy, red/fresh or black/rich!
instead of the usual apple and honey, here they used mangoes in the gravy and other secret ingredients, of course!

onion consomme??
i think it should have tasted okay if it was hot enough, instead it was room temperature... ew..

Spicy Cod Roe Omelette Curry
omelette is fluffly and sweet... but they really couldnt be any stingier with the roe... its like a garnish...

Minced Beef Curry Spaghetti
spaghetti - al dente, curry - yum, soft boiled egg - cherry on top.... all together, not sure it works... lol i liked it enough to finish it though...

Rating: 7/10
If you feel like having the kids meal.. come here... cause everything do feel kiddy and happy... which could actually be just what you need from time to time...


Erique Fat Owl said...

You're baaackkkk
...another one of Waraku's brainchild? Hm...feels like kindies. I love the look of it, obviously. The food is so me, too. I love how they serve rakkyo with their curry...so authentic. Most restaurants overlook the importance of rakkyo and just serve curry with fukujin zuke (the red stuff).

Mango nyan!!!

Anonymous said...

Hahah this is so cute! I must look it up next time I go to Japan (hopefully soon haha)

Erique Fat Owl said...

FFichiban, I don't think you can find this restaurant in Japan. This restaurant is from Waraku group, which is a Singapore-based company...