Saturday, April 26, 2008

Fujiya - Sydney

This place is certainly the most popular izakaya in the City area. The food is okay, but the service is really really slow due to the fact that they're severely understaffed for such a big and crowded place. They only open for dinners, and expect an hour queuing time plus another hour wait for your food to arrive if you dine on weekends.

Strictly speaking, the food is nothing special compared to other izakayas in Sydney. However, their convenient location and spacious venue made it popular among drunken Japanese students. As expected from an izakaya-style restaurant, the place is as noisy as Tsukiji fish market when packed on weekends. Prices are on the higher side considering the rather small portions, and some waiters do not even speak English well.

However, they do serve a wide variety of cocktails and chuuhai, most of them really yummy and do justice to their original counterparts in Japan.

One word of advice - order everything you can possibly expect to consume in one go - because as I said before, there's a looong waiting time for the food to arrive. Ordering extra stuff would cause frustrations as your appetite might wane by the time the extras arrive. And also, don't expect all the food for your party to arrive at the same time. Really frustrating, I know - especially when it's highly possible for you to finish your food before your friend's food even arrive.

...or just go to other places. There are better izakayas like Ju Ju in King's Cross.

Sushi & Sashimi Boat


Tempura set

Beef Teriyaki set

Mochi spring roll

Takoyaki Gratin
(Note: not as good as it looks.)

Agedashi Tofu

Strawberry Cocktail

Grape Chuuhai


Anonymous said...

Is this place some kind of fusion? Mochi springroll and mochi pizza? Strange but sounds YUM! How was the springroll and pizza?

Erique Fat Owl said...

The mochi springroll is just...edible (5 out of 10 stars). This place is supposed to be an 'Izakaya' (Japanese restaurant that serves alcohol and small dishes to nibble / share). Service is extremely BAD.