Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Achi kochi de katta tabemono(*) - My Japanese Konbini Adventure

(*) 'Food bought from here and there'

You're bound to run into a konbini (convenience stores) in Tokyo because there's probably one every like, 10 steps or so. Unlike convenience stores in Australia, Japanese konbinis are more exciting, because they sell lots and lots of types of fresh and frozen food, at prices only marginally more expensive than supermarkets (unlike in Sydney, where prices are almost twice as much as supermarkets).

I used the opportunity of being in Japan to consume as much Japanese products as possible (Singaporeans call this kiasu), which are otherwise expensive when sold outside Japan. Here, everything is cheap as chips. The fanciest, most hyperbolic cup ramen only cost 1/3 of the prices of the same product in Sydney or Jakarta.

(Upper level, L-R): POM Mandarin juice, Ito-en oishii ocha, Kirin Gougou no kocha
(Middle level, L-R): Maruchan Akai Kitsune udon, Supa katsu men, Nissin seafood ramen
(Lower level, L-R): Orange jelly, White Cream Coffee Jelly
Bought at Newdays Tokyo Station

Mixed sandwich
Bought at Family Mart Ikebukuro

Bought at Family Mart Bakurochou
(Is it just me or this cheap-ass low-class sushi tastes better than sushi sold in regular Japanese restaurants in Sydney?)

Ito-en oi ocha, hakutou jelly (verrrry yummyyy), Big pucchin purin
Bought at Lawson Shibuya

(Meat bun)

Now, I didn't buy this at a konbini. I got this from Yokohama's chinatown. I have to say, it's hard to choose which shop sells the best nikuman since there are like, a million of them. Anyway, this nikuman is huuuge (about 3 times the size of Singapore's chicken pau), and the price is huge as well (500 yen!). It's delicious and really satisfying!

Ham & Cheese Croissant
Bought at Lawson near Shibuya Center-gai

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