Monday, June 4, 2007

The Rocks, Sydney - Snack-hunting

Went to The Rocks on a cold Sunday morning - felt a little peckish and decided to drop by La Renaissance:

La Renaissance Patisserie.

Plenty of yummy gateaux inside...

...which one to choose...

...Probably shouldn't buy a whole cake and gobble it out by myself...

...The weather's too cold anyway. Didn't feel like having cakes.

Passed through baker's oven...

Finally, decided to get some cheese stick pastries from La Renaissance. These cheese sticks are OH-MY-GOD yummy. Probably the BEST cheese stick pastry I've ever tasted (I almost cried tears of joy when I sank my teeth on one of these, seriously). It's freshly baked, crispy and flaky on the outside, and warm and cheesy on the inside. Absolutely delightful. Can't wait to come back for more!
Note: Mouth & fingers courtesy of my friend Chat!


Anonymous said...

nice french polish too.

and so by the way, THE ROCKS? try ... -death by chocolate-

the brownies shop. yumm~~
i can sleep to die.

Erique Fat Owl said...

Death by chocolate?? on the rocks? Sydney? Never seen it before. are you sure?

I know there's this very, very quirky chocolate cafe by the same name (death by chocolate) in Bogor & Jakarta, Indonesia...

And also, my friend says 'thanks' for complimenting his nails. It's 8 layers of polish, he said.

Anonymous said...

tat anonymous fella is marca kan?

please kindly find comments below:

1/ its normaly plain clear polish madu! its not french polish at all!
french polish is those with 2mm pure white solid tips.

2/ death by choc by brownies shop di bakers oven- the rocks is a must try! i delivered it from sydney to perth. hand carried! LOL