Friday, May 25, 2007

ISETAN supermarket v.02

So since five weeks ago i decided that i would go back to KINDIES again (since i've done the whole circle might as well go back to where i started)... the kindies is at shaw tower thus steps away from isetan supermarket. Everyday around one the sense will say "YASUMIMASYOOOOOOOO"... and i head for Isetan supermarket. This is my haul today... :)

left: Kirin Green Tea
while kirin makes great milk tea (voted cows favourite milk tea after MOS', that is), this green tea version taste..... er...... surprisingly GREEN.

right: GLICO Mousse Pocky Mango Milk
It says "Lighten up your day with Pocky's super smooth aero-chocolate." (Whoever has the job of coming up with all the engrish on japanese confectionary boxes has the best job.) Best tasting pocky yet!
I'll be heading for the grape pocky next week!


ade said...

haha. your blog really is all about foooood. haha.

see you monday! :D

salaper said...

Pocky ada yg rasa mango juga toh